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      St. Michaelís School

Saint Michael's School 



 A Profile


St. Michaelís School opened its doors in September of 1879.  It began with two wooded classrooms staffed by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth.  During the first 100 years of existence, St. Michaelís has gone through four different buildings and has grown to include St. Michaelís High School.   Since 1962, St .Michaelís had been housed in its present, spacious, magnificent building.  Now, in 1999, it boasts its addition of a third floor housing an Art Room, state of the art Library, and Computer Room, as well as Language Arts/Media Center.  Hundreds of sisters and lay teachers, thousands of students, have gone through St. Michaelís in this uninterrupted process of growth, learning, faith, flexibility and constant adjustment and readjustment to the community and its needs.

While keeping its characteristic of ďCatholic SchoolĒ, St. Michaelís, in its faculty and student body, reflects the make-up of the surrounding community with a rich variety of ethnic and religious representation.

St. Michaelís has been, and is constant in, its determination to provide religious and academic instruction for its children in close cooperation with their parents.


St. Michaelís School exists in order to provide for the religious, educational, technological, emotional, social, and cultural needs of the children of St. Michaelís parish and community within an atmosphere of respect and Christina love.

Since St. Michaelís is here to serve the needs of the community, for the most part, it has an open door admission policy; it takes children where they are and tries to lead them upward with a success oriented combination of large and small group instruction, departmentalized and self-contained classrooms, as well as remedial and enrichment programs.

We believe that each child is unique.  Children do learn, grow and assume responsibility at different rates.  We do believe that before children can learn and develop to their full potential, their psychological, social, emotional and physical needs must be met.


 To create together an atmosphere of respect and love, which leads to the development of a solid and effective cooperation between the school and family.

Enable our students to practice their religion in a mature, relevant and meaningful manner through the sharing of our faith, liturgical celebrations, prayer, Bible readings and service projects.

 To encourage the development and acceptance of each child as a unique individual.

 Instill in our students a feeling of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect.

To provide an education suitable to the studentís needs, so that genuine growth can be facilitated in areas of religious practice, intellectual knowledge, ethical principles, physical, and mental health as well as social emotional learning.

To provide the children with opportunities which will show them the interdependence of all nations.

To prepare them to become functioning members of society.

To help students better understand the interdependence of our global society.

 To prepare our students for entry into a highly technological world.


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